How to Get Bombarded With

Quality Matches & Turn Them Into

Real-Life Meetups FAST…

  • Even if You’re Not Super-Shredded, Naturally Handsome or Confident...
  • ​Even if You’re Not a Billionaire or Huge 'Down There'...
  • And Even if You've Never Had a Girlfriend Before...

Turn Into a Magnet For Model-quality 8s, 9s, and 10s…

How to Get Bombarded With Matches And QUICKLY Turn Them Into Real-Life Dates…

  • Even if you’re not super-shredded, naturally handsome, or confident...
  • Even if you're not huge 'down there'...
  • Even if you haven't had a girlfriend in years...

Turn Into a Magnet For MODEL-QUALITY 8s, 9s, and 10s…

I couldn’t believe it...

12 hours, and still no response:

The conversation was going smoothly… 

But as soon as I tried to escalate things, it went dead.

And that was usually the case…

I BARELY got any matches:

(I'm no Brad Pitt, nor am I super jacked or naturally confident)

And even when I did get matches, by the time I asked for the date, the girl would ghost… 

Or, she’d give me some lame excuse...

Then out of nowhere, her profile would vanish from my matches list!


Even though I didn’t know these girls, the fact that I couldn’t get them on a date really stung...

However, my online dating fortune turned around quickly...

Fast forward just a few months, and my phone was buzzing off the hook with 8s, 9s, and 10s hitting me up.

Asking me what I’m doing tonight.

Begging to come over.

No restaurant reservation necessary.

And if that sounds crazy… It’s about to sound even crazier...

Because I soon discovered that this “secret” texting method works for every guy. 

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how experienced you are, or if you're naturally funny or not!

And I’m about to share this secret method to help you eliminate your dating troubles...

Make conversations easy…

And ultimately help you get more dates…

Here’s How to Switch Online Apps to Easy Mode:

Everything you've ever heard about 'Game''... just doesn’t work.

Especially online.

How do I know?

My name is Ryan Black.

I’m a nerd, science geek, and computer wiz. I love all of that stuff.

And because of that, when I was younger, I had no success with girls.

Not only did I have no success… 

But any attempt to communicate with a beautiful girl ended in a cringeworthy fashion.

Needless to say… I’m no natural.

I was not born naturally charismatic...

And again, I'm no male model

I had to earn my success with women the hard way… 

By pounding the pavement and putting my ego on the line.

I had to suffer rejection after rejection.

Failure after failure…

Ghost after ghost…

No, it wasn’t easy.

But my experiences became the bricks that built my system for attraction.

Now, I’ve taught guys all over the world how to attract high quality women in person.

I’ve taught everywhere from London to Amsterdam, New York to Singapore, LA to Sydney, and more...

However, despite my in-person abilities being at an all-time high…

I Couldn’t Get That To Translate Online

I wasn’t getting many matches…

And when I did, they’d die out.

Sometimes after a few days.

But usually after a few hours.

Then one day, I met up with my friend Gareth, and he made me aware of the major text-game sin that I, and many other guys, are committing...

Gareth Isn’t Movie-Star Good Looking...

He's short.

And I don't think he's ever lifted a weight in his life.

In other words, you wouldn’t know by looking at him that his phone gets constantly bombarded with X-Rated pictures by absolute stunners.

This guy THRIVES on dating apps.

And it's NOT because he has tons of high-quality photos of his ripped abs or chiseled jawline

Just a well-crafted bio that uses a simple 4-step format which magnetically attracts women like ants to a picnic 

(More on that in a second)...

But every time I met up with him, he was lost in his phone.

Setting up dates,

Getting barraged with nude after nude,

And being begged by absolute STUNNERS to come see them.

It was crazy.

Here I was, barely able to find a match while Gareth had girls every man dreams about throwing themselves at him. BEGGING to see him.

One day, I finally caved and asked him what his secret was.

Here’s what he told me:

Most Guys Get Caught In The Cold Zone

You know…

That awkward moment after the first few messages.

After the initial pleasantries...

That moment when you don’t know what to say, so you just spit out something lame like

 “So what are you up to”.

That’s the dagger in the conversation.

Yeah, there might be a little more back-and-forth if the girl is trying to be nice…

But really…

The moment you start the boring small talk is the moment that any attraction you’ve built with her dissipates like popping the air out of a balloon...

  • It doesn’t matter how attractive you are...
  • It doesn't matter how much money, 'value' or 'status' you have...
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re as chiseled as a bodybuilder or hung like a horse...

When you enter the Cold Zone… She gets bored.

And you’re left with your d*ck in your hand.

Why Is The Cold Zone So Bad?

Because women are emotional creatures.

They crave fun, high energy, and EXCITEMENT.

And in order to get them excited about you, on a date, and in your bed, you have to PUMP their emotions.

That’s why texts like “hey”

“What are you doing?”


“What do you do for work?”

Not only not work, but they make the woman you’re talking to drier than the Sahara Desert!

These three texts, and texts like them, are daggers in the conversation.

And there’s nearly no recovering from the Cold Zone once you’ve entered it.

So, how do you avoid the Cold Zone?

According to Gareth…

It’s All About How You Start The Conversation

And like a boulder pushed off the side of a mountain…

The conversation only gains momentum from that strong start.

When he told me that, I started looking over Gareth’s shoulder...

  • Every message he sent.
  • Every conversation he started.
  • Every date he set up.
I recorded it all.
Soon, I had a mountain of Gareth’s conversations compiled.  All I needed to do next was see if his secrets worked for me.

The Results Were Astounding

The first girl I tried this on was Nikki.

She was a solid 9.

Blonde hair.

Profile plastered with pics of her in her bikini.

She’s the kind of girl Tinder asks you if you want to “super like”.

The short of it?

We went from matching to her coming over to my place in less than 48 hours.

Here’s exactly how it went down.

The first girl I tried this on was Nikki.

She was a solid 9.

Blonde hair, huge fake tits...

Profile plastered with pics of her in her bikini.

She’s the kind of girl Tinder asks you if you want to “super like”.

The short of it?

We went from matching to her coming over to my place in less than 48 hours.

Here’s exactly how it went down.

Then there was tight and toned 19 year old Leslie...

She’d already eaten when I invited her over for dinner.

She could’ve made excuses as to why she couldn’t come.

But instead, she rushed to get ready…. And even apologized for the wait.

I have a bunch more text threads of this new system working miracles, but they’re a little too NSFW.

But the point is… I was AMAZED by the results

But Will It Work For You?

There’s a major problem with most courses, books, and programs in the “pick-up” world.

They rely TOO MUCH on the abilities of the guy…

And not enough on the process.

Truth is… Nobody (at least that I know of) has created something that’s proven to work, regardless of the guy. 

Nobody has created A SYSTEM that creates repeatable results, regardless of who’s at the helm.

Until now…

Because when I first discovered this new system, I’ll admit, I was a little too absorbed in my phone.

When I was hanging with my friends, my pocket would buzz the whole time.

And one day, when they bothered me about being on my phone too much… I had that “oh sh*t” moment.

It was time to share the love.

I let them take the reins of my system...

And to my surprise…

The system worked for them too.

I handed the same framework to another friend…

And another.

And another.

All of these guys were able to abandon their lonely fapping sessions, quit WATCHING people have sex on video, and have some fun of their own.

Almost on command.

Whenever they’d get the urge, they’d just open Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge, start swiping, and sometimes within HOURS they’d have a girl at their place.

Now, it doesn’t always work like this…

Let’s be real.

But the point is, they saw a dramatic increase in their success with women.

You can too.

This Is For You IF:

  You want to spend more time on dates with beautiful girls...

  You want to STOP settling for low-quality girls and step into the world of 8s, 9s, and 10s...

  You don’t want to be fake, sleazy, or inauthentic when talking to girls...

  You wish there was an easy way to optimise your dating profiles for more matches...

  You want the ability to get girls out on dates on command...

  You feel like the 8s, 9s, and 10s are reserved for tall, ripped, and traditionally handsome guys...

  You want your phone to be buzzing off the hook with beautiful girls BEGGING to see you...

  You want to make your friends jealous of all the hot girls you’re hooking up with!


The Ultimate Messaging Masterclass

The Ultimate Messaging Masterclass is my guide that will show you how to make your friends jealous, turn your matches into dates, and spend more time with absolute stunners.

It’s my science-based approach to texting.

I’ve collected data from case study after case study, text thread after text thread, and test after test to create the ultimate texting system that can get her from text to your place as quickly as possible.

The best part?

You don’t have to be witty, good-looking, or even confident to use this system.

In fact…. The success of this system doesn’t even rely on you… What you look like… Or even your confidence levels… 

All that matters is your ability to follow the simple 1-2-3 system.

So if you’re thinking “this can’t work for me”, shut that sh*t down right now.

All you have to do is follow the process and you’ll have girls BEGGING to come over.

Speaking of the system, here’s what you’ll uncover in the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass:


Get dates as soon as TONIGHT when you execute the S2C System. 

I’ll guide you through the entire conversation, from start to lay, so there’s absolutely NO guessing on your part, no confusion, and no more sexual frustration.

The idea of spending some alone time with a 9 is exciting, right?

Let's make that a reality...

Inside, you’ll discover:

  How to go from match to date in as little as 6 hours...

  DITCH TINDER! There’s a little-known dating app that works like gangbusters for me and my clients. I’ll reveal it inside of the program...

  Easy strategies to optimise your dating profile so you become more attractive INSTANTLY and get bombarded with matches...

  The 4-step bio structure that uses proven psychological principles to trigger 8s, 9s, and 10s into matching and messaging YOU first...

  How to avoid the Cold Zone and keep the conversation exciting and fun, even if you’re not naturally witty, clever, or even confident...

  The temptation method to get her number in as little as two messages...

  5 essential messages that will land you more dates...

  Re-engagement messages that will hook girls you haven’t spoken to in a long time and have them BEGGING to see you...

  The first text is the most important. Here’s what you're likely doing wrong AND how to fix it...

  An INSANELY effective done-for-you confirm the date script to ensure you never get stood up...

  ...and a lot more!




This exclusive texting training comes from my $2,497 online course that’s never been seen by ANYONE without a membership. This text training will show you how to text from top-to-bottom, and get girls on dates as FAST as possible.



Get access to four weeks of exclusive coaching calls with myself and other texting and online dating experts. 

The goal of these calls is to continue to expand your skill set when it comes to getting more matches and converting them to dates. On these calls, you’ll discover:

   The fundamental principles and mindsets for optimizing your communication online and over text
   A nearly BULLETPROOF method to receive nudes from the girls you’re texting
   Breakdowns of real-life interactions to give you a roadmap for what to message at what time
   The tools you need to authentically craft your own impactful messages using your own personality and humor!
   An ultra-efficient way to set-up dates once you have her number
   Mr. A.A’s texting framework that hasn’t failed in 15 YEARS of testing (Mr. A.A. has been in the dating world for YEARS, and he’s the secret linchpin behind companies like RSD, Charming Rogue, Sinns of Attraction, Tao of Badass, Charisma Matrix, and many many more)
   How to release the tension from the first date and maximize your chances of spending the night with the girl
   Ways to avoid making your messaging robotic and inauthentic
   Q&As to address any and all of your questions, concerns, and struggles
    Badboy's messaging system to get even more matches and dates with hot models on INSTAGRAM

  ...and much much more, including:



Get a month's access to The Brotherhood Mastermind (Usually $197 per month) where we talk everything in the masculine world. From dating to fitness to money and more. You’ll gain access to four weeks of calls where we’ll cover a specific topic guys want to improve upon. At the end, we’ll carve out some time for Q&A.

And there’s more. A lot more...

But all you need to know is, the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass will show you exactly how to get MORE dates. So many that your friends will be jealous. They’ll want you to reveal your secrets.

But, don’t take my word for it…

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Ultimate Messaging Masterlcass

So, How Much Is the Ultimate

Messaging Masterclass?

When you join the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass, you’ll be taken under the wing of guys who have seen MASSIVE success in the online dating world. You’ll be exposed to top secret texting methods that have been kept under wraps for nearly two decades. And you’ll be given industry secrets that will put online dating on easy mode.

All of this said, the value in the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass is stacked as high as Everest.

And I could easily charge thousands for this masterclass without thinking twice.

Hell, I charge $15,000.00 for a week of one-on-one coaching.

And, when you join today, you’re going to gain access to me for a full four-weeks.


I’m not going to charge 60k.

I’m not even going to charge 1/60th of that.

Because I’m committed to helping men reach their potential. 

That means helping them ditch their lonely fapping sessions, achieve mastery with women, and hook up with girls they thought were out of their league.

That means giving them the means to be booked-up every Friday and Saturday night with beautiful girls.

That means giving them the ability to communicate with girls, without being shy, sleazy, or inauthentic.

And that’s what the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass sets out to do.

So no, this Masterclass doesn’t cost thousands.

Not even hundreds.

When you join the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass today, you can...

Get Started Today for $397

Just $77

But know, this is an introductory price.

As I get more testimonials, the price will rise.

This could actually be the last time you see this price EVER.

The girls are waiting for you…

Click that big button below:

Try The Ultimate Messaging MasterclassToday...

Look, when you join the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass, I don’t want you to join with any hesitancy. Any anxiety. Or any second-thoughts.

I want you to be fully focused on learning and implementing the Messaging Masterclass to make the most of your matches and go on more dates.

That’s why I created my 30-Day Dating Tsunami Satisfaction Warranty.

This means that if you join the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass, and for some strange reason, you DON’T see more success with women, more dates, or more 1-on-1 time in your apartment, you can just shoot me an email and I’ll refund you with a smile.

But that’s unlikely.

HIGHLY unlikely. Because guys all over the world are getting overwhelmed by tsunamis of matches and dates. More than they can handle.

And I think you’ll experience the same.

So just TRY the Ultimate Messaging Masterclass for 30 days.

Give it a test-drive.

A trial-run.

I think you’ll like what you find.

The Girls Are Waiting

And right now, you have a choice.

You might have some doubts.

Doubts in the system.

More likely… Doubts in yourself.

That’s okay.

Because the best, highest-performing men… Champions… Billionaires… Top business owners… They experience doubt every single day.

And it's what launches them to success.

So the question is…

What are you going to do with your doubt?

Let it prevent you from accessing the world where girls BEG for your attention and time?

Or let it launch you to the edge of what you thought possible, break through new boundaries, and access the abundance of women who are just waiting for you to develop the skills to take them out.

It’s a red pill, blue pill type choice if you ask me.

Time to decide.


Q: How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

The Ultimate Messaging Masterclass has worked for me, as well as hundreds of guys all around the world of all shapes, sizes, and cultures. And it’s a system, which means it creates repeatable results, no matter who’s running it.

That said, if for some strange reason, you don’t see results with this system, shoot me an email at any time within 60 days, and I’ll happily return 100% of your money, and you can even keep the bonuses!

Q: Do I Get to Work with Ryan Personally?


When you join today, you’ll gain access to four live coaching calls as part of your trial month of my "Brotherhood" mastermind membership, complete with Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything.

Q: How Long Will it Take to Get Results?

It really depends on how quickly you go through the Messaging System and start implementing: There are copy and paste templates you can use within the next few minutes to start conversations and setup dates for later tonight... One of my students setup dates for the next 9 days within 48 hours of enrolling!

Q: I Don't Want to Feel Inauthentic and Manipulative: Is There a Way to Be Myself and Make this Work?


The goal behind all my trainings is to give you structures & frameworks that are based on psychological principles that I know to be effective. You simply fill in your own words, and then it becomes genuine and authentic to you. By the end of this course, you'll have a blast writing impactful messages using your own personality and humour!

Q: I Have Little to No Experience with Women / Haven't Had a Girlfriend in Years. Can I Really Get Results?

Absolutely: Some of my favourite clients to work with are total beginners. In fact, they're often easier to get results for because they don't have years of incorrect theory, negative experiences or bad mindsets I need to un-do!

This is a paint-by-numbers system that anyone can follow to start getting more matches, and turning those matches into actual meetups with attractive women as simply and efficiently as possible. No previous experience is necessary.

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